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Buy Google Plus Shares

Google IconIf you’re looking to expand your reach into Google Plus, we’re here to help. We can promote a website or a Google Plus post within the network.

Google Plus is often overlooked by marketers because it’s smaller. That smaller size means that each share is more significant, though.

A Plus share means a lot more
74% of adults use Facebook. Around 20% use Twitter.

How many use Google+? There aren’t any statistics on it, but one thing is for sure – there’s a group of people who use it religiously – namely, the tech crowd.

100 Facebook shares and 100 Google Plus shares can’t even be compared. A share on Google Plus is so much more significant because of the small user base. When you go to a website and it has a lot of Google Plus shares in addition to the other social networks, you’re impressed.

It’s marketing, not spam
Google is the leader in detecting search engine spam – that’s why everyone uses it. They use those same skills to detect spam on their social network. You see spam and blatant advertising on your Facebook and Twitter feeds every day – that’s not the case with Google+.

Because they’re so good at detecting spam, buying illegitimate Plus shares from sketchy sellers isn’t a good idea. If Google catches you spamming, they might bring you down in the SERPs or even sandbox your domain entirely.

We schedule your shares!

Of course, not every company sends spam to your page or post – we know of a few that don’t. They all fall short in one regard, though – consistency.

These other companies don’t care about clients, and when they receive an order from you, they’ll just blast your page out and hope to get the order completed as quickly as possible. This doesn’t look natural at all… it’s kind of like how a YouTube video would never get 100,000 views in a day and then none the next.

It’s just not right.

We work with you to create a scheduled marketing campaign with Google+ shares in mind. The larger the package, the more we space it out to maintain a certain degree of consistency.

Click here to scroll up and see the different timeframes for each package. If you’d like something other than our default ones, just contact us – we’re not focused on the sale, we’re focused on your needs specifically.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my order start?

We begin setting up your order, right after it has been placed. The setup period takes no longer than 24 hours, after which the delivery of the service will begin. If you would like us to follow a specific delivery schedule, simply get in touch with us after ordering.

2. How long will it take to deliver my order?

We have listed the delivery time for each package right under the price.

3. Will these shares drop over time?

The shares we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

4. Can I split the package among multiple URL's?

Yes. Simply submit all the URL’s in the order details section. The minimum number is 20 shares/page. This means that our 200 shares package can be spread among a maximum of 10 URL’s.

5. Do you offer Drip-Feed delivery?

Yes, we are able to naturally drip-feed the delivery of of the shares you order. Please leave a note in the order details section mentioning that you’d like us to drip-feed the delivery.

6. Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?

Please contact us with details of the order you would like to place, and we will be able to provide you with a great deal.

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