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Buy Real Facebook Likes

Facebook IconReal Facebook likes come from real people liking your page. These aren’t bots – they’re real, active users of Facebook.
You already know that likes are essential for any Facebook page to get noticed. But our real Facebook likes are much more than that. They’re also catalysts to faster growth from your other marketing endeavors.

More likes means more trust!
Users on Facebook have been conditioned to think that a big Facebook page means a good Facebook page. Thus, users are more likely to click the Like button on pages that already have a lot of likes.

This can help you, or it can hurt you. If you buy real Facebook likes from us and establish yourself as a “good” Facebook page, then you will get these easy likes from users in the future. You’ll be right up there with the big brands that grow their Facebook pages simply by existing.

But if you maintain your low number of likes – 10, 20, 100, 200, whatever – you’ll be seen as untrustworthy. It’s not fair, but it’s the way that it is. Facebook users are naturally more receptive of bigger pages.

What’s different about our likes?
We don’t send everyone and anyone to like your page. All of our likes meet a certain strict criteria.

● Your page is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
● We can drip your likes over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
● Our likes will never drop – they will stay on your page until the end of time
● Our promotional methods only show users one page at a time, where they can then decide whether to like it or not. They’re not presented with a list of pages to like.

But the best part about our likes? The audience we advertise to is only seeing one promotional page per day. Not 10, not even five – just one. They can then decide to like it or skip it. We recommend putting out your best updates while you’re buying your likes from us so that the people aren’t just interested in the topic of your page – rather, they’re interested in your content. (This will lead to more interaction for you in the future.)

Don’t buy fake likes!

Buying likes from bots to increase your numbers is enticing. The prices are a little bit cheaper, but here’s why you should never, ever buy fake Facebook likes:

Facebook only initially displays your updates to a small percentage of the people who like your page. If you get interaction from that group, then your reach is expanded. If you don’t get any interaction, Facebook does not show the update to anyone else.

With our real Facebook likes, your initial audience will see the update and interact with it because they’re already interested in what you’re putting out. With fake Facebook likes, the bots will not interact with your updates, and your posts will stop cold – they will never reach your real users. If you buy fake likes, you are signing your Facebook page’s death certificate.

Let’s recap
Our Facebook likes can do bounds not only in increasing user trust, but also in acquiring new likes in the future. Our real Facebook likes are the best out there, and we stick to a very calculated process so that you only get the people who actually care about your page.

Scroll up and select your package. We offer packages all the way from total beginner to “big brand”. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my order start?

We begin setting up your order, right after it has been placed. The setup period takes no longer than 24 hours, after which the delivery of the service will begin. If you would like us to follow a specific delivery schedule, simply get in touch with us after ordering.

2. How long will it take to deliver my order?

We have listed the delivery time for each package right under the price.

3. Will these likes drop over time?

The likes we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

4. Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?

Please contact us with details of the order you would like to place, and we will be able to provide you with a great deal.

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